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The SCI enjoys a lively existence of several decades. There were always some Ex-Swiss who voluntarily and officially engage themselves with pleasure within their spare time for the Community.

Our common background, irrelevant of religious believes, explains the pleasure to meet new people speaking the same language -Swiss-German, French, Italian, English, Ivrith ... and to enjoy the activities together in the SWISS COMMUNITY ISRAEL.

The strength of our organization is to be a meeting place for all Swiss in Israel who want to preserve and not forget their Swiss bond even without a place of our own. 

The leading team of the SCI keeps a constant creative effort to preserve the freedom and independence of the Community and guard a sensible circle of friendship.

First of August 2016

About us:

We are an independent community of members and friends:

  • Caring for loved Swiss traditions as Swiss National Day, Swiss traditional food
  • Caring about happy hours where we can talk in our mother-tongues
  • Interest-groups as “Lese-Treff” – “Bücher-Treffen” – “Swiss Politic interest groups”
  • Swiss tradition as Jass, Bowling, Jodeling, Arts
  • Regular gatherings following individual initiatives by members as monthly dinner in Jerusalem, *Coffee-and-art-talks” in Netanya
  • Invitations for presentations of Swiss artists in Israel as Cinema-Festival in Haifa, Tel Aviv …
  • Regular interchange with the Swiss Consulate