Our Board

Karin Bloch, President of SCI Swiss Community Israel

Art-Therapist FKG and artist - she runs her own Art and Therapy Studio in Netanya. She likes a holistic, creative way together with you, for young and old.

She is open for all contacts, inspirations and inovations.  

Karin would welcome a joyfull networking between all Swiss Aborads in Israel.

Please contact her. 


René Leserowitz, head of administration 


Rene works in a international lawyers office of patents. 

He is administrative manager and PR manager in SCI. 

He is the right person to contact for any Swiss gatherings.

Please contact him for advertisements as well. 


Raphael Steigrad, communication and technology


Raphael is a computer specialist for Communication and Security

He did Aliyah to Israel from Australia in August 2016 and is active in the SMI since then. He still runs his computer business in Australia and Israel.

Raphael coordinates all technical and communication needs in SMI. He is also the creator of the new website www.swissil.com 


Zehorit Tzfira Horn,  Committee SCI (board member candidat). 

Initiator and coordinator of groups 

"Swiss children in Israel are speaking “Schwyzerdütsch”. 

Leader of a lovely group in Azor-Holon. 

She lives with her family, four children, near Holon.

Also she makes her job as ICU Nurse & Study Coordinator in the Chaim Sheba Medical Center.

Any time, new mothers and fathers, who like to join with their child/their children, are welcome!

Please contact her.


… individual initiative members, who are arranging different meetings and sessions at their place

SCI ST TLV 2013 (2)