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am Mittwoch 18.May 2022

Programm des Abends

19.00 h


"Meet the Swiss in Israel"

              Im Hinblick auf unsere GV im Juni 2022 lädt der Vorstand SCI ein zu einem zukunftsweisenden Austausch für die SchweizerInnen in Israel

Anschliessend um etwa 20.15 h

 Apero mit Snacks


20.30 h

Film: "Er nannte sich Surava"

Schweizer Kinofilm 1995 von Erich Schmid, 80 min. (deutsch)

Anmeldung bitte via oder sms 054 430 3047

Datum GV SCI 2022Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2022 19 abends> SCI Jahresbeitrag 2022 kann am Filmabend bezahlt werden.

Meet the Swiss in Israel 

Tour of the Weizmann Institute of Science 21. May, 13:30

What to expect in general: 

The tour will include a guided visit, where we shall hear about past and present scientific achievements and core research activities. You shall hear about the historic background of the institute and Dr. Haim Weizmann's scientific and political contribution to the founding of Israel. We shall move either by walking or by car to the far end of the institute, to the historic site of the Weizmann House, the official presidential residence of our first president of the state of Israel, Dr. Haim Weizmann. 

Then we shall pause for a moment at his and his wife's graves. Then we shall proceed to inspect both the historic presidential mansion and the presidential car from the outside. 

Finally we shall sit together at the beautiful gardens and lawns to enjoy a picnic gathering. You are invited to bring your own picnic. 

The tour will be guided by our Swiss Friend Dr. Victor Weiss, who is an alumni of the Institute and will share his own experiences at the Institute and his research. His topic was Holography and he will show us holograms of his own creation. 

To register: Please register in this doodle survey, so we may know whom to expect and wait for, before we depart for the tour:

The event will take place on May 21, at 13:30. We shall meet on the lawn near the entrance in front of the visitors center and Cafe Made.

Looking forward to your participation and an enjoyable day! 

- GV SCI 2022 Mittwoch 15. June 

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Meet the Swiss in Israel